Which Commerical Aircraft Are At Kabul Airport?

Which Commerical Aircraft Are At Kabul Airport?

Kabul Airport has gone from a busy domestic and international hub to a military airbase for evacuations in the previous three days. Several commercial aircraft, all belonging to Afghan airlines, are now based in Kabul. The aeroplanes currently parked at Kabul Airport are shown below.

Last few

According to FlightRadar24.com, there are presently seven commercial aircraft parked at Kabul Airport. All other planes have left for overseas destinations, and foreign airlines have withdrawn (barring some emergency flights). Military aircraft, on the other hand, have seized centre stage, evacuating diplomats, foreign people, and Afghan allies as quickly as possible.

Three carriers are represented by the seven aircraft. In Kabul, Kam Air operates one A340 (YA-KMH) and two 737-300s (YA-KMJ and YA-KML). Ariana Afghan has one A310 (YA-CAV) and two 737-400s in its fleet (YA-PIC and YA-PID). Finally, Bakhtar Afghan Airlines has a single 737-500 on the ground (YA-FGA).

Which Commerical Aircraft Are At Kabul Airport?

In Kabul, all commercial flights have been grounded and are unable to operate without the authorization of the US military. Photo: Getty Images

The Taliban surged into Kabul on August 15th, trapping the majority of these seven planes. Soon after, the United States assumed control of all operations at Kabul Airport, including security and air traffic control, and closed the airport to commercial aircraft. In the immediate term, the fate of these seven planes is unknown, as military aircraft take precedence at the moment.

Horrifying scenes

We’ve seen some horrific photographs from Kabul Airport in the last 24 hours. Thousands of stranded Afghans poured onto the tarmac late Sunday as airport workers evacuated, standing near any remaining aircraft. Hundreds of people could be seen racing alongside and clinging to US military planes as they took off. According to the BBC, at least three passengers have died after clinging to the jets and falling off after takeoff.

Since then, US soldiers have been trying to clear the aprons, runways, and taxiways while also re-entering the airport. To prevent more excursions, a perimeter is being established around Kabul Airport. Moving thousands of trapped and terrified Afghans, on the other hand, is proving difficult and obstructing evacuations.

Which Commerical Aircraft Are At Kabul Airport?

Evacuation activities have stalled in recent hours due to the large number of people on the tarmac. Photo: Getty Images

The airport will most likely be secured in the coming hours, allowing more flights to arrive and depart. Unfortunately, foreign people and close Afghan allies, such as translators and those with asylum status, will be the only ones departing in the next day or so. Commercial flights are expected to be halted for at least a few days, if not weeks or months.


Commercial flights have been advised to avoid the airspace over Afghanistan, which has been deemed military-only, with no control over the airspace. As a result, almost all airlines have rerouted flights to avoid flying over Afghanistan and are instead choosing lengthier routes. Meanwhile, due to the urgency, a US Air Force C-17 flew 800 passengers out of Kabul. For the time being, the world is keeping a careful eye on Afghanistan’s future and the safety of everyone involved.

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