Airbus Has Just 3 A380s Left To Deliver

Airbus Has Just 3 A380s Left To Deliver

On Friday, Emirates received its 120th Airbus A380 plane. The aircraft’s arrival brings the Airbus A380 programme one step closer to completion, with only three of the massive planes left to be delivered by the European aerospace giant.

While the Airbus A380 was on its way out long before the aviation industry’s crisis, the current situation isn’t helping the sky’s colossus. For numerous airlines, the fact that no additional A380 deliveries were anticipated may have been a blessing in disguise. On the other hand, Emirates is content to accept delivery of its unfulfilled orders.

There are only three deliveries remaining

Emirates received its 120th Airbus A380, designated A6-EVO, on Friday. On October 1st, 2020, the jet with the serial number 268 flew for the first time. The aircraft is 0.72 years old, according to statistics from

Two aircraft will be delivered this year, with the remaining three arriving next year, according to Emirates President Sir Tim Clark. It will be a while before more planes come, as we’ve already witnessed the second delivery of 2021. The following aircraft deliveries are expected, according to

  • A6-EVQ – MSN 270 – January 2022
  • A6-EVR – MSN 271 – March 2022
  • A6-EVS – MSN 272 – May 2022
Emirates will receive all three outstanding Airbus A380s.

Emirates will receive all three outstanding Airbus A380s. Photo: Getty Images

More premium economy for Emirates

This year, every Airbus A380 aircraft came with a bonus for the airline’s passengers. Emirates announced the launch of a premium economy cabin late last year, bridging the gap between economy and business class.

Emirates has yet to convert any of its existing double-decker jets with the new cabin. As a result, we’ve had to wait for new planes to arrive in order to improve the chances of a passenger discovering the new cabin. The cabin has so far been installed on three aeroplanes, totaling 168 seats. According to, the airline’s A380 fleet has a total capacity of around 62,000 passengers and has an average age of seven years.

What is the number of Airbus A380s that Emirates flies?

According to, the Emirates fleet currently consists of 22 aircraft. This does not include the most recent jet, which has yet to be put into service. The Dubai airline is expected to conduct 654 A380 flights in June, with 327,696 seats available, according to statistics from aerospace specialists Cirium. The number of flights is scheduled to rise to 1,089 next month, with 534,681 tickets available.

For the month of June, Emirates has 11 Airbus A380 trips planned.

For the month of June, Emirates has 11 Airbus A380 trips planned. Photo: Cirium

This month, Cairo should witness 60 A380 flights, two each day. Despite the UAE’s continued red list status in the United Kingdom, London Heathrow will see more A380 flights than usual, with 43 scheduled. The airline’s A380 plans for Manchester didn’t last long, with only four flights scheduled for the start of the month.

What are your thoughts on the Airbus A380 program’s approaching end? In the comments section below, tell us what you think and why.

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