Israel’s Air Traffic Impacted By Rocket Attacks

Israel’s Air Traffic Impacted By Rocket Attacks

Israel was hit by missiles overnight in retaliation for airstrikes on Gaza City. More than 100 rockets were launched from Gaza, aimed at major cities and Ben Gurion International Airport. The airport was closed for about an hour, and although flights have since resumed, some airlines have already announced that they will no longer fly to the country.

The most brutal acts of aggression in seven years

After a night of violence across the world, Israel is waking up to scenes of devastation today. Militants in Gaza fired a volley of rockets at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Israel’s largest commercial airport, Ben Gurion, in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes on Hamas offices in Gaza City (TLV).

As missiles approached the airport, several planes were forced to divert to other airports or join a holding pattern before a secure landing could be verified. Over 100 rockets were launched from Gaza, and although the majority were intercepted by Israel’s sophisticated defence system known as the “Iron Dome,” some managed to get through.

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET404 was forced to stay in the air for more than an hour over the ocean before it was cleared to land. The airport was reportedly checking the runway for damage after a missile attack.

Israel’s Air Traffic

Ethiopian Airlines holding near TLV. Data:

When a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt diverted, it was more than two and a half hours into its three-and-a-half-hour journey. Rather than landing anywhere else, the A321 returned to Germany, arriving in Frankfurt about five hours after taking off.

Israel’s Air Traffic
Many airlines have cancelled flights

The airport was once completely closed because it was considered dangerous for civilian aircraft to take off or land. As sirens warned of an impending attack, the airport was evacuated. Several US airlines had already begun cancelling flights to Tel Aviv when the airport reopened just over an hour later.

A number of flights scheduled to arrive in Israel today, as well as their corresponding return flights, have been cancelled by United, American Airlines, and Delta. More cancellations will occur in the coming days as the situation in Israel remains unstable.

A number of Israeli airlines have cancelled flights into Ben Gurion today, according to flight boards at TLV airport. Other incoming flights have been delayed, but the majority of departing services seem to be operating normally.

Israel’s Air Traffic

Information from Israel Airports Authority

While video footage clearly shows strikes aimed at the civilian facility, no damage has been confirmed at the airport. The Iron Dome is doing an excellent job of protecting the airport, but with tensions still high, another attack is a distinct possibility.

According to the Ben Gurion International Airport

The schedule at Ben Gurion International Airport is still being followed.

We are constantly discussing and evaluating the current events in our country.

Details will be released and a NOTAM will be circulated if anything changes.

If you’re planning a trip to Israel soon, double-check with your airline to make sure your flight is still on schedule.

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