IndiGo An Indian low-cost carrier has launched a door-to-door bag service

IndiGo An Indian low-cost carrier has launched a door-to-door bag service

IndiGo, the low-cost multinational, has rolled out a new door-to-door bag service in a few cities. Passengers flying from New Delhi and Bangalore will be able to use the service starting this month, with Mumbai and Bangalore to follow shortly. The service costs 630 ($8.5) each way, which is a decent price for the comfort of not having to carry a bag.

Bag drop

IndiGo has been the newest airline to introduce 6EBagport, a service that provides travellers with door-to-door baggage transfers. Travelers can check their bags in from home and pick them up at their destination, but there are several steps in between.

The service went live on April 1st in New Delhi-NCR (which includes Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad) and Hyderabad. This means that the two-way service is only open to passengers travelling between Delhi and Hyderabad (or vice versa). In the coming months, IndiGo plans to add Mumbai and Bangalore as destinations.

IndiGo has set a low one-way fare of 630 ($8.5) to encourage passengers to use the service. This means that your bags will be picked up and checked in at the departure airport, or they will be delivered to your home after your flight. So, how does the procedure work?

IndiGo An Indian low-cost carrier has launched a door-to-door bag service

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How it works

It’s important to understand how the service works if you’re thinking about using it. Travelers can connect the service to their flight bookings by going to the 6EBagport website. CaterPorter, a Bangalore-based logistics company that also provides transfers to other airlines, operates the operation.

Passengers departing from the airport must complete a security declaration after booking their flight. Since the bag has been out of the passenger’s possession since the previous day, additional security measures have been implemented. After the formalities are completed, your luggage is picked up and transported to the airport the day before your flight.

Notably, before entering the airport, passengers must consult with a CarterPorter representative to check their luggage. After that, the bag is checked in as usual and is on its way to its destination. As a result of the current situation, the company wraps all bags in two layers of plastic packaging and provides contactless documentation for added security.

The protocol is easier for travellers who use the bag transfer service upon arrival. Pick up your bag at the belt and hand it over to a CarterPorter representative when you arrive. The bag is then packed and delivered to your home!

What are the advantages of using it?

There are a few advantages of using the service. The first is that travelling without big suitcases streamlines the process. Since there are no bags, taking public transportation is much more comfortable and stress-free. The service is well worth the money because of the reduced cost and comfort.

There are, however, some disadvantages. The service is obviously not smooth, and passengers must check and hand over their luggage several times. This service does not make sense for those who take private transportation to the airport. This service, on the other hand, is a fantastic addition if you have a big or several suitcases.

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