Boeing 737 MAX Electrical Issues Reportedly Affect Additional Aircraft

Boeing 737 MAX Electrical Issues Reportedly Affect Additional Aircraft

On a few of Boeing’s next-generation narrowbody aircraft, a new problem has arisen. Boeing advised that 16 customers temporarily park some MAX aircraft earlier this month awaiting inspections and rectifications involving an electrical power system part. If the problem was unexpected, it only affected a small number of MAX jets. However, according to some industry reports, it can affect more jets than previously thought and may spread to other parts of the plane.

The 737 MAX aircraft from Boeing will be investigated

According to industry reports, more Boeing 737 MAX aircraft would need to undergo checks than originally expected in order to look at any deficient products that need to be fixed. According to the most recent update, other areas of the 737 MAX aircraft are experiencing electrical system grounding problems.

According to Aviation Week, the issue, while not complicated and definitely not to the extent that caused the plane to be grounded for so long, would necessitate some time on the ground. The biggest concern is ensuring all segments of the electrical power grid have field routes.

Boeing 737 MAX Electrical Issues Reportedly Affect Additional Aircraft

According to industry reports, there could be more 737 MAX electrical problems than originally anticipated. Photo: Getty Images 

The problem of electrical grounding

Boeing suggested to 16 customers last week that they exclude those Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from operations. Customers were instructed to inspect and make any required adjustments to ensure that a part of the electrical power system had a proper ground path.

Following Boeing’s announcement, many airlines removed MAX aircraft from their fleets while waiting for more details. Boeing is working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States to resolve the issue, which Boeing described as a production issue.

According to Boeing’s phrasing, it’s not a given that the aircraft listed aren’t properly grounded where they should be. As a result, some aircraft would just need to spend some time on the ground for inspection before returning to service.

Boeing 737 MAX Electrical Issues Reportedly Affect Additional Aircraft

737 MAX jets will be subjected to ground inspections to check for possible problems. Photo: Getty Images

The risk of an electrical failure is not insignificant. This is why Boeing has issued an alert to MAX customers who might be affected. As Boeing and the FAA assess the situation, more information will become available. At this time, the exact number of planes affected by the problems is unclear.

What does this imply for Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft?

It is not uncommon for aircraft to need component inspections. Production issues and modifications do arise, which may lead to problems that must be resolved later. This does not mean that all Boeing 737 MAX jets have been grounded.

Hopefully, Boeing and the FAA will be able to provide guidance on this problem soon enough to keep the grounding as brief as possible. The FAA recently recertified the MAX for commercial operations, which was just a few months ago. The MAX is currently travelling in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Turkey.

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